Fonderie Soliman S.p.A. has an automated line recently installed, for the production in lamellar and nodular iron castings. The molding machine for the “Green Sand”, provided by SAVELLI, uses active pestles and the patented system FORMIMPRESS®, and its average speed is 110 molds per hour. The dimensions of the pattern plates are 650l×800w 250h+250/300h mm. The molding sand are verified with an automatic inspection, which keeps constant the basic parameters of pre-defined values.
The melting and pouring area consists of: No. 1 gas + oxygen combustion rotary furnace SOGEMI [10 tons capacity], No. 1 medium frequency electric furnace for melting / holding CRESCENZI [28 tons capacity] and No. 1 medium frequency electric furnace for pouring CRESCENZI [4 tons capacity].
The nodularization treatments occur in the ladle, before pouring, in a separate treatment station using cored wire with ferroalloy FeSiMg. The standard production of this line is particularly suitable for small-medium series of castings, comprised between 0.5 and 90 Kg each, with the limit of the total gross weight of 110 kg into the mold.